One of the things we love about this digital age is that people can easily share their stories with friends and family through so many different avenues.

While some may think it's old-school, we believe that even with the advent of technology, nothing can replace a printed image.  Stories come to life when they are in print.  When we present our clients with their album or prints, their faces light up as they see their story unfold; they comment on how much more meaningful the prints are compared to viewing the images in their online gallery, and they can’t wait to show everyone.

For some, a printed image is the most valued possession they have.  In our experience, people we have photographed in a small West African village still have those photos attached to the mud wall of their grassed roofed hut ten years later; photographs they proudly show to everyone who visits.  In other cases, we have met people who traveled hundreds of kilometres from one village to another and the most precious item they carry with them is that one photograph they have of their family.

In some ways it seems we have lost this reverence for the printed image. So, while we continue to build our digital libraries with thousands of images, printed photographs are the real keepsakes.  Digital mediums change, systems crash, and sadly our images go with them.  But, we can always keep those printed photographs and the history that goes with them close to our hearts.

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