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We are Kevin & Sheryl, a husband and wife photography team based in Toronto. As a husband and wife team, we've been incredibly blessed to learn, laugh, cry, grow and experience life together.

Our enthusiasm for photography goes back over 25 years when we worked in the music industry and began volunteering in international community development projects. Through these experiences we observed that art transcends borders. 

Art has a universal capacity to draw people together, to convey powerful messages, and to move people to places of joy, sorrow, reflection, or celebration. More specifically, we observed the power of the image to inspire, to give a voice, to keep treasured memories alive, and to reveal how we interact with the world around us.

Whether photographing people, wildlife, nature, landscapes, streetscapes, or simply something of interest along our path, each subject evokes some form of emotion and has a story to tell. That's what we love about photography.

A few fun facts about us... we:

  • were both raised on farms, a stark contrast to the urban downtown Toronto lifestyle we enjoy today!  
  • have traveled to over 50 countries
  • love that we live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world
  • credit our appreciation for nature, the environment, where our food comes from, and the sense of community to our country roots
  • have a sense of humour, even if we’re the only ones who get our jokes!
  • believe no day should go by without laughter
  • give thanks for the many people, places, and experiences that have enriched our lives
  • are always learning

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about our services and artwork.

~Kevin and Sheryl

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