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January 17, 2017

He said he bought two cards almost 20 years ago and was holding onto them until he found the right person to give them to.  Mariana, the love of his life, is now the holder of those cards. Now that's romantic! When Andrew looks at Mariana, his eyes light up with love, joy, admiration and adoration.

You may remember Mariana and Andrew's engagement session was delayed twice due to torrential rains and gale like winds... in a summer season when rain rarely made an appearance. Their wedding day was no exception, the rain came pouring down and this much anticipated outdoor wedding was quickly moved indoors. But for this couple, it was love that would reign on their special day.

Weston Golf Wedding_0001.jpg

I love the romantic feel of Mariana's dress...

Weston Golf Wedding_0002.jpg

... the pretty pastels and those shoes!

Weston Golf Wedding_0003.jpg

On a day when so much is happening, taking a few quiet moments to read a love note from the one you are about to marry is a precious gift.

Weston Golf Wedding_0004.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0005.jpg

First look photos are so fun... the anticipation, the reaction, and the love create shared memories for years to come.

Weston Golf Wedding_0006.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0007.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0017.jpg

All wedding ceremonies are unique and weaving in cultural traditions is something we love to see.  Mariana and Andrew were wrapped in a Mexican lasso, symbolizing unity. This ceremony was particularly special as Mariana's sisters traveled from their home in Mexico to celebrate this day with them; and, Andrew's brother in law traveled from California to officiate their wedding.

Weston Golf Wedding_0010.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0011.jpg

After the rains came down, the humidity came up but again, love reigned while the bride and groom and their family members endured the steamy sauna, allowing us to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop at the Weston Golf Club in Toronto.

Weston Golf Wedding_0012.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0013.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0014.jpg

The evening proved to be just as steamy in this gorgeous room where everyone shared in  laughter, a few tears, and lots of dancing... which was kicked off by a mariachi band, of course!

Weston Golf Wedding_0015.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0016.jpg

Weston Golf Wedding_0018.jpg

Mariana and Andrew, we know your love will reign through the test of time and we have been privileged to witness your celebration of love.

Weston Golf Wedding_0019.jpg

~Sheryl and Kevin

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