How My Life Changed with My Two-Metre Tripod

November 9, 2016

I have used many tripods over the years. Some I still have, while 1 in particular was left sitting in a hotel room in Zurich.  A little table top tripod that I will never see again and is sorely missed. It was the perfect small tripod and I can't seem to find another one like it. Lesson learned. Triple check every nook and cranny of your room before leaving.

When I started getting into wildlife photography on a more serious note, I would just head out with the tripod I had without putting much thought into it.  However, I soon grew tired of bending over and so did my back. Afterall, I am not 35 anymore! And so, the search for a taller tripod began. Tough search. I am over 1.85m tall and I quickly discovered that most solid tripods are around 1.52m. Even with a gimbal on it, this was still awkward for me. With some help from my local camera store, I located a 2 metre unit... the only one on the market that we could find.

I couldn't be happier with my Gitzo GT3542xls. For taller people, it is ideal. On a slope it can be adjusted to accommodate most positions for shooting. It will also accommodate lower vantage points for sitting or lying on the ground.

My 2 metre tripod is an all-around back saver, and allows me up to keep shooting comfortably for hours on end... pain free.

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